Population Clock

This link is crazy to watch: http://www.census.gov/popclock/

It is hard to imagine our population increasing that rapidly, but then again our population was only 3 Billion in 1960 and it is over 7 Billion today and is predicted to hit 9 Billion by 2045. Will we change enough to accommodate the rapidly rising population?

Would love to hear your thoughts


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Blog Tour

Hi all,

I was thinking about embarking on a Blog Tour for my book The Malthus Conspiracy. Has anyone done one? Would love some tips / suggestions on how to get started.

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Free Book: The Malthus Conspiracy

Today my first novel The Malthus Conspiracy became free in the KDP Select program. I will post updates about how it does. I spent quite a lot of time working out how and where to advertise, so hopefully my efforts pay off! It is free today and tomorrow, so download a copy now at http://amzn.com/B00B3SV3RW

Check out the blurb of Malthus Conspiracy below:

Book Cover7

In 2011 world population hit 7 billion. By 2045 it is predicted to hit 9 billion. Can our planet cope? In 1798 Economist Malthus thought not predicting population growth would outpace our ability to obtain resources, resulting in a global epidemic.

Fast forward to 2012. Dean Adams and Felix Pye, unwittingly stumble across the greatest conspiracy in history, and by doing so sign a death warrant. They are forced to run as powerful members of a 200 year old secret League attempt to silence them.

The league will stop at nothing to continue its Malthusian cause. Their purpose? To curb population growth and ensure Malthus’ predictions for economic ruin do not come true.

With the aide of detective Isabella Mercena, Dean and Felix go head to head against the evil forces as they attempt to expose the league’s sinister plans to control population. Will they survive to tell the tale and tell it before the next wave of disaster is unleashed on mankind?



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Conspiracy Theories?

My new book The Malthus Conspiracy, centers around the notion of population being controlled by powerful forces. Were the World Wars started purposefully? The Spanish Flu? SARS? Are large scale diseases created by governments and other influential people to control our ever expanding population? What do you think? 

Do you have any conspiracy theories?


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BBC comments on Population Issues

Can our planet cope with our growing population? BBC discusses the growing concerns with different individuals from around the globe.

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February 4, 2013 · 10:14 am

The Malthus Conspiracy

My first novel, the Malthus Conspiracy, has just been published. This blog will talk about writing, as well as population facts, and other interesting discussions. Hope you enjoy! Image

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